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04.06.11 | 2:30PM

A New Golden Age of American Brewing

According to the Brewers Association, there were 1,759 breweries in the United States in 2010. This represents a 9 percent jump from the previous year. Clearly, we have seen dramatic growth and interest in craft brewing in the last decade, but this growth is even more impressive given the recent history of brewing in the United States.
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02.17.11 | 8:02PM

Crowdsourcing your brand message—a view from the trash heap

As a guy who makes his living developing brands, I generally think that crowdsourcing in this arena is a dangerous trend. Group-think works best when when the group is small, and is led by capable people who understand the message development process and how these messages are intended to address business goals.
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01.24.11 | 10:30AM

Greenwashing and pinkwashing could lead to brand blacklisting

It’s no secret that a consumer’s goodwill towards a favorite brand is hard-won. Years of courting and messaging, along with significant investments in research, product development and marketing have been the foundation on which great brands have earned consumers’ trust.
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Prologue is a branding consultancy.

We help companies determine the most effective way to communicate their unique value propositions to their target audiences. We believe that no matter how innovative, valuable or useful your product or service may be, if you don't know how to effectively tell that story, you're not going to convince your prospects to seriously consider your offering. Further, your employees will fail to communicate your brand promise consistently and accurately. We believe that behind the most successful companies' brands there is a unique story to tell. We are experts at discerning, defining and communicating that brand story in the most compelling ways possible. We are professional story tellers.


Branding and marketing expertise for wealth management firms.

Prologue’s proven, holistic and highly disciplined brand building methodology leads wealth management firms down the critical path to a world-class branding program.
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Food & Beverage

Branding and promotion expertise for food and beverage brands.

Prologue knows what it takes to make distributors, buyers and consumers take action. And we are adept at navigating the challenging on-premise and off-premise environments.
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