Strategy + Creative + Execution. Always in that order. We offer turnkey brand development services designed to craft your unique story.

What we do
Prologue’s mission is to help companies attain a significant competitive advantage through honest and compelling expression of their most powerful core messages.

How we do it
We clarify what sets you apart from competitors. We identify your most ideal targets and uncover what’s truly important to them. We coalesce your differentiators into a focused narrative. Then we create logos, taglines, websites, copy, visuals and marketing collateral that tell your brand story.


Brand building is an art and a science. Being the process-oriented folks we are, we approach branding first from an analytical place and then apply creativity and marketing instinct to bring a brand to life. It’s a bit like alchemy, but the results are worth more than gold.

Identity Design

It's the cover of your book. The front line (and first line) of your brand story. We design your logo, color palette, typography system and stationery kit. We codify your branding standards into highly useful style guides. And we offer creative naming services for business entities and product lines.

Website Design

Your brand story in pixels. We design beautiful websites using the latest responsive technologies for optimal user experiences across desktop, tablet and mobile browsers. We provide content development services as well as turnkey programming, hosting, launch and tech support.

Brand Messaging

We give your brand a voice and tone that resonates with your targets. We craft your tagline, boilerplate paragraphs and “elevator pitch”. We write headlines, calls to action, power statements and key value propositions that accurately convey your desired brand messaging and positioning.

Collateral Design

Our award-winning designers, writers, videographers and creative directors will bring your story to life in any medium. From animated explainer videos and direct mail campaigns to marketing kits, newsletters, brochures, annual reports and pitch presentations, our creativity knows no bounds.

Competitive Analysis

We examine your competitors' online presence, messaging, target audiences, value propositions, differentiators and market penetration. We identify how to strategically position your brand within the competitor set in the most positive and unique light while exploiting competitor weaknesses to give you an edge in the marketplace.

Client Profiling

We establish a segmentation strategy and build a robust profile for each of your targets to include psychographic, lifestyle and demographic data. We identify your targets’ pain points and motivators for seeking your services. We determine the channels, mediums and tools they access while performing their due diligence.